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Our Mission

Create a kind and conscious future.

Our Story

At 21, Brandi Leifo was living in a women's shelter where she created the concept for Evio Beauty. From humble beginnings, she developed a brand that raised millions through strategic alliances and is on a mission to create a kind & conscious future.

Evio is a judgement-free zone where affordable beauty - made with good-for-you ingredients - builds community, fuelled by kindness. As an alumni of the esteemed Sephora Accelerate program, one of Chatelaine Magazine's 2018 Women of the Year and one of 2020's Top 25 Women of Influence, Leifso continues to lead Evio with kindness in mind with initiatives such as the 20,000 acts of kindness for 2020 and its 1-for-1 program that donates product for every product purchased to organizations that support the underdog, such as Woodgreen's Homeward Bound.

Originally launched in 2014 in Vancouver, Canada as Evelyn Iona, a small batch, organic collection of natural and organic makeup. Evelyn Iona had a focus of empowering women while being good for our skin, planet and community. The name came from two women who live these ethos, Melanie Evelyn Tremblay and Brandi Iona Leifso which then got shortened to Evio when we launched our second and third collections in 2019, Eviobeauty & Evioskin and spanned to empower EVERYONE.

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Meet the team

At Evio Beauty Group, we embody our values, mission and morals of being conscious, empathetic, genuine and kind. Kindness is infused into everything we do. From the way we treat our customers to the way we treat each other. We're also a group of equal men and women who are driven to bring conscious change to the world.