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Brandi Leifso


Thank you so much for visiting Evio. I'm Brandi, the founder of Evio. When I founded Evio, it was my way of having a voice and a community when I needed it most. It was 2012 and I was living in a women's shelter in Vancouver, Canada due to domestic violence. It was there that I truly became an advocate for change and armed myself with beauty products to build a platform to evoke change in the world. I set out with a vision to redefine luxury beauty to be kind, conscious and affordable. We are fuelled to ‘do the right thing, even when no one is looking’ and together we can create a kind and conscious future. 

In 2012, green beauty didn't have the popularity it does now and we were all still using products proven to be harmful to our health as well as being marketed to in a way that told us that we were flawed. Many of these products were bad for us and preyed on our insecurities — that were largely constructs of our society — were considered ‘luxury'. Good-for-you green beauty was expensive and lacked the performance you would expect from a product with a higher price ticket.

I noticed a cycle: good-for-you products are expensive so those who are going through challenging times often fall to products that are harmful due to price and convenience. Your skin absorbs 80% of what you put on it, so just like food if you are not feeding your body with good ingredients, you will lack the nutrients needed to be the best version of yourself. Ever notice that when you eat fast food for a week, your brain seems slow and you feel... blah! It's the same thing with what we put on our bodies, and when we are experiencing hard times, is when we need the help of our good-for-you food and products even more.

That's why Evio was born, good-for-you luxury beauty that is kind, conscious and affordable. We have more than 2,700 harmful ingredients on our no list that are banned from our formulas. We reward kindness with discounts; with every purchase you can choose from a variety of always changing charities to donate to and receive a discount off of our already affordable products. All of our products are made with thoughtfully sourced ingredients and fair wages. And the best part, our products and marketing are driven by our community and advisory panels who give us real, honest feedback to ensure that we are creating products and campaigns that contribute to the empowerment and growth of our consumers.

Thank you for being a part of a kinder, more conscious future. 

Brandi Leifso







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