As we know better we do better. We’re not perfect, but we’re doing our best. Some of our efforts include local (Toronto, ON, Canada) manufacturing to reduce our carbon footprint and transportation emissions, minimizing the use of water in our formula’s (This is why our concealers are so small. Minimum water means more pigment and a little bit goes a long way), creating multi-use, genderless products (so you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/sister/brother/mom/dad can share) to reduce over purchasing, only producing one packaging mold where we can (This is why our lip gloss, concealer and blush’s all come in the same packaging) using sustainable good-for-you ingredients, biodegradable material when possible and creating a minimalist routine to limit consumption. These are only some of the ways that we are doing our part for a holistic, sustainable approach to personal care. 
We’ve partnered with Green Story - a platform that uses algorithms, and data to calculate the footprint of each of our products. They analyze supply chains and compare ours against the industry norm. This helps us know where we stand,  and helps us improve with the data provided to continue leading the way for thoughtful, conscious cosmetics manufacturing.