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The Team


CEO, Founder

What five words describe you? Spontaneous, thoughtful, resilient, loyal

Superpower: Being able to be a bridge between different communities with different lived experiences.

Favourite product: Lip Serum



What five words describe you? Curious, Adaptable, Thoughtful, Sincere, Optimistic

Superpower: Critical thinking

Favourite product: Lip Serum



What five words describe you? Loyal, Calm, Tired, Content, Strong

Superpower: Beauty Knowledge

Favourite product: Lip Liner


Director of Marketing

What five words describe you? Organized, resourceful, loyal, competitive, curious

Superpower: Make things happen. Take our out of the box ideas and bring them to life in an Evio way.

Favourite product: Revitalizing Oil Serum


Director of Customer Service and Sampling

What five words describe you? Reliable, Loyal, Creative, Grounded, Compassionate

Superpower: The ability to empathize, value and learn from individual perspectives, that may be different than my own.

Favourite product: Lip Serum


Why I work at EVIO

" Evio challenges me to go against the grain - to think and do things differently. It's easy to fall into doing things because that's how it's always been done, but changing that thinking and taking different perspectives into account make for a better result. Even if it isn't perfect, it's about moving in a better direction with each step and learning as you go." - Elizabeth

Toronto, Canada

Our Office

On a mission to break stigmas through good-for-you beauty products.

Products with a Purpose

Social impact is at our core. We've donated more than $500,000 of funds and products to organizations that help the underdog thrive.

Dermatologist Approved

Products that are good for your skin and your community. Our products are tested by skin care PhDs.

Underdog Founded

Founded and operated by underdogs on a mission to break stigmas.


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