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20,000 Acts of Kindness

With your help, Evio is creating a kinder and more consious future. Our goal for 2020 is to carry out 20,000 acts of kindness. How? We’re glad you asked; For every product you purchase, Evio donates one to an organization that supports the ‘underdog’, The Canadian Women’s Foundation, Woodgreen's Homeward Bound program and others. We also leave sticky notes with happy sayings in the hall, and send unexpected gifts through our Evio Connect program.

Kindness looks good on you ☻ ✌︎

Along the way, we have met some incredible humans. These are their latest acts of kindness, and their favourite products.
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Joanna L.

Latest act of kindness: Surprised my boyfriend by ordering his favourite dessert for him on Uber Eats! Since we're not in quarantine...

Jonet W.

Latest act of kindness: When my boyfriend picked me up from work so that I wouldn't have to take the train 🚈. This was a few days...

Kahla B.

Latest act of kindness: I had soup sent to my grandfathers house because he was craving it. Also my hubby brings me...

Trulee R.

Latest act of kindness: I cooked a nice dinner for my family! 🥙 We love to eat out and we haven’t really been able to recently...