5 tips for Navigating Stress in the Digital Age

5 tips for Navigating Stress in the Digital Age

5 Tips for Navigating Stress in the Digital Age

Let's talk about stress. Yes, that thing that seems to always be by our side, along with our smartphones, endless notifications, cripling food prices, the expectation of always being available, and the existential dread of scrolling through Insta at 2 AM. We're the generation that can brunch on avocado toast while perfecting our yoga poses, all the while texting with the finesse of a concert pianist playing Beethoven. But when it comes to the high-stakes game of stress management, can we keep our zen as flawlessly as we curate our Instagram feeds? Here are five life hacks that have kept my phone safely in my pocket and away from any dramatic cliffside goodbyes.

1. Digital Detox (aka The 'No Phone' Scavenger Hunt)

Reflecting on the days before smartphones, which for me, as a child of the 90s, seems like a distant memory, I realized the importance of occasionally disconnecting. Embracing a digital detox, even in small steps, can be quite revealing. There was a day I accidentally left my phone at home, and I spent hours anxiously wondering if I was missing something crucial, half-expecting a surprise call from Oprah. Spoiler alert: there was no call. What I learned was enlightening – the world keeps spinning, even if we're not instantly replying to every email or message. It's a comforting realization, knowing that taking a moment (or several) for ourselves is not only okay but sometimes necessary.

2. Mindful Meditation (It's Not Just for Monks)

I tried meditating. Picture this: Me, sitting cross-legged, trying to find inner peace while mentally composing a grocery list. Spoiler #2: It gets better. Focus on your breath, use an app if you need guidance, or check out a local class. I love Community 889 in Toronto - and if your mind wanders to whether you should get tacos for dinner – it’s totally normal.

3. The Art of Saying No (Sorry, Not Sorry)

Millennials excel at many things, but saying 'no' isn't one of them. We're the 'yes' generation. Yes to overtime, yes to that third baby shower this month. Learn to say 'no' with kindness and ease. 

4. Exercise (Or Moving Enough So Your Apple Watch  Doesn’t Buzz You)

Remember when we used to run for fun and not just because our fitness tracker guilt-tripped us? Exercise is my stress-buster. Sometimes I run, sometimes it’s yoga, and sometimes it's me dancing in my pajamas.

5. Journaling (Like Tweeting, But on Paper)

Writing down your thoughts can be therapeutic. I started a journal. Day 1 was poetic. Day 2, I doodled. Day 3, I spilled coffee on it and created abstract art. Just get in the habit of doing it no matter what gets on the page, and overtime it will ground you. 

Let's face it: stress is the ever-present app running in the background of our lives, much like those on our smartphones that drain the battery without us even noticing. But just as we masterfully manage our digital clutter with a mix of savvy and sarcasm, we can apply a similar finesse to handling stress. Think of mindfulness and setting boundaries as the mental equivalent of clearing your cache – it just makes everything run smoother. And remember, prioritizing yourself isn’t just a self-care trend; it's the psychological equivalent of keeping your phone on airplane mode at a meditation retreat – sometimes necessary, often liberating, and a tad rebellious.

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