Empower Your Skin to Thrive.
Resilient Skin for Life's Stressors.

You are resilient. You envision brighter days ahead - and you’re doing the work to get there. Resilience does not come from rare and special or extraordinary qualities. Resilience develops from the courage to conquer everyday, ordinary tasks.

Resilience goes beyond withstanding a shock, adapting to adversity, and recovering from trauma. It’s the ability to improve, thrive and flourish as a result of it. 
Your resilience empowers you to make better choices. Honour your vulnerability. 
Build self-confidence. And on days when we miss the target and come crashing down, you can cut yourselves some slack. Change the narrative. And get right back on track.

Evio is your partner in resilient skin and a resilient community.

Impact-led beauty that mobilizes skin’s fight back mechanism so it has the wherewithal to face even the most daunting challenges and everyday stresses.

Building Resilient Communities, Together

Having resilient skin doesn’t suffice to cope with the challenges of real life. Evio is your ally not just in resilient skin, but also in building resilient communities. That’s actually why we exist - and good-for-you beauty is our tool.


To date, and with your help we have donated
 $510,000 + of product
 and funding to 27 shelters & organizations Across North America that help survivors thrive.


We share our story to provide a new perspective and break stigmas through speaking, books and film. 

We share facts & stats from our partners at FreeFrom.org


Implement & advance
 survivor leave policies with
 safety and return to work
 plans with corporate
 partners. Impacting
 215,000 employees.


At 21, leifso was living in a domestic violence shelter when she founded Evio Beauty, an impact-led beauty brand on a mission to build resilient communities with good-for-you beauty products.

Now, Leifso is an author with Harper Collins, a Chatelaine magazine's women of the year alum, and an advocate for domestic violence reform. To date, Evio Beauty has donated more than $510,000 worth of products and funding to 27+ shelters across North America that supports survivors to thrive. Leifso has spoken around the world to bring awareness to Domestic Violence, including Forbes under 30’s first-ever global women summit in israel and was recognized as one of canada’s top 25 women of influence and received independent retail ambassador of the year award from the retail council of canada.

Leifso's story has been optioned for a feature film by production company Oblivious Allegory set to go into production in 2024.